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Una relación significativa y beneficiosa para ambas, la enfermera y la paciente. Palabras clave: Personas mayores con demencia, relación paciente-enfermera, comunicación no verbal, método Kitwood. It is intended to reflect the relationship stands between nurse-patient and nurse performance in a more comprehensive and holistic. A significant and beneficial for both the nurse and patient. The description is based on an observation in assessing the needs of the person and the incorporation of life history and analysis of therapeutic material. From this analysis we can test the effectiveness of an individualized care and nursing care, empathetic, which recognizes the person with dementia as a whole during the process of care and end of life. Key words: Older adults with dementia, patient-nurse nonverbal communication, Kitwood method.


It's your moment A Solapreneur is not the same as an entrepreneur, but. Both assume risk and build a business, but a solopreneur does it alone.

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